A GoFundMe has been set up to support Gerhard’s wife and child through these difficult times. 

If there were ever a stereotype that questioned our intellect as snowboarders, Gerhard Gross would defy it as soon as he spoke. A man that spent many winters between the backcountry and the media corral at snowboarding's marquee events, providing the editorial voice for this publication, could easily have held his own in the most high-brow conversation at an alumni dinner for a prestigious school covered in vines. This exceptional intelligence was backed up by extraordinary talent on a snowboard. Given this rare combination of skill and acumen, it's not surprising that Gerhard transitioned from riding professionally to writing professionally. Journalism is based on credibility, and Gerhard had it.

After making a name for himself in the British Columbia snowboard scene, he took his first full-time editorial gig with Snowboard Canada before assuming the managing editor role at TransWorld SNOWboarding. Here, Gerhard set a new precedent—one we strive to uphold today. Apparently that didn't keep him busy enough, so he worked with Protect Our Winters on the side. This is what Gerhard did. He raised the bar. His presence alone pushed those around him to try a bit harder, to hike a few steps further, and to send it a little deeper.

It's been twenty months since we received the news that Gerhard had been diagnosed with stomach cancer, shortly after embarking on a new chapter as content director for the Dew Tour and fathering a son, Gerhard IV. With the incredible tenacity that he possessed, Gerhard battled every day since as hard as he could. With great sadness, we must accept that Gerhard is no longer fighting that battle. Our most sincere condolences go to those closest to him.

Gerhard, we apologize for any grammatical errors in this article, and we hope it's deep wherever you are.

— TransWorld SNOWboarding

From his friends, family, colleagues, and those who he influenced all over the world:

I love you Gerhard.

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heartbroken to hear that you moved on from this world and on to the next – this cover is how I forever think of you. I will never forget how overwhelmingly concerned you were about my well-being after breaking my wrist on a @twsnow trip you boys sent me on and how you carved time out of your day to write out a long list of steps I needed to take to get my health back the quickest and most efficient way possible. You even made to sure to cruise by and check in on if I was following through with your notes, haha. Was always sorry for interrupting you while you were in your writing flows, but always loved your probably very frustrated reaction – which I think I found fun to watch, as it is often my same reaction to these type of instances as well. Which, when this does happen from time to time, i can't help but think of these times with you. You will be more than missed here – although I'm sure you're finally strapped back in cliff dropping already. ❤️ we love you @gerhardmg ❤️ #fuckcancer

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