Online Video Series of the Year

With online video series’ becoming more and more of a common means to share recent footage with the world, the competition to win this award grows massively each year. Below are five of the most impressive to grace the internet, each with a different focus and feel. Only one can win the best series of the year, but all five are equally deserving of a watch. Continue below for a taste of each, and make sure to stay tuned for the final winner’s announcement in just a few short weeks.

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Beyond Medals

The core of Beyond Medals is comprised of Kevin Backstrom and Tor Lundstrom, but it's become a crew of sorts, made up of the Backstrom and Lundstrom's chronies—the common denominator being a willingness to have a good time at the drop of a dime. Documenting the travels of this largely Euro crew is lensman Theo Muse, who directed this web series, complementing full-length project The Future of Yesterday.

DC Transitors

Documenting the DC Snowboarding team during their travels this past season, Transitors is a location-based web series released in real time. This format contrasts the long-used approach of holding onto footage to be seen at a later date, allowing viewers to see the stacked DC team's clips edited into a polished edit within days of their being logged. With top-tier powder, park, and street riding documented within, Transitors delivered.


FSBS, an acronym for Frontside Backside, is the brainchild of its star and filmer/director. The genius created by Forest Bailey and Seamus Foster working together is documented in this series that demonstrates Bailey's unique approach to street riding—one that emphasizes lines, natural speed, and spots other riders wouldn't look twice at. Forest sure as heck knows how to ride a snowboard, and Seamus has figured out how to capture it in the most fitting way possible.

Landline Raw Files

In the world of skateboarding raw footage, sans music, has long been released in accompaniment to full-length films. Following suit is the Landline Raw Files web series that delivers a gamut of clips logged during the filming of Van's team movie Landline. Watching this series provides context to the caliber of riding captured during the making of its namesake film.

Last Resort

Last Resort is the third iteration of Stanley Leveille's Skateline-inspired web show. Leveille both directs and hosts the monthly series that comments on snowboarding's most current happenings. Last Resort's distinct style of sharp commentary is a refreshing departure from so much of snowboard media's brand-backed advertorial content, and its objective approach to the espousing of subjective opinion is where it’s appeal lies.

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