Olav is a straight up boss. Since he was young he’s always been a wild one. Alek Oestreng and I had already been riding for a little while, and one time we wanted to do this bomb drop from a garage near our home. Olav was with us and figured this was the perfect time to start snowboarding. So the first time Olav ever strapped into a board, he did a bomb drop from a garage roof. That kind of explains his personality. I can't fully remember if he had already picked up a camera by then or not, but it wasn’t long until he had gotten this little camera and started taking photos. It was almost like he snapped his fingers, and the next day he was one of the best in the biz. Photos and video are just in his blood. He has a really creative eye and you never have to wait for him to find the right angle or set up. Boom – he's always ready and he is getting the best shots. We were pretty spoiled growing up with him shooting our photos and videos, since it’s always perfect and he is so fast, not to mention he can shred, so he kills the follow cams, too. Unfortunately for us he has moved on to the big dawg music stars in Hollywood, so we don't get to do as many trips as we used to. But every once in a while we get to gather the RK1 group with Olav and it’s the best times ever. — Ståle Sandbech

Birthdate: April 25th, 1992

Current title: Content Creator

Photo: Chasen Marshall

What does your current position in the snowboarding industry entail? Describe a typical day on the job.

My current position in the industry is very laid back. I don't travel as much in the scene like I used to. A day at my job is usually getting on an airplane, sitting in a car, shooting a show, and then heading to the next country, since I am currently on tour with the music industry. But my typical day when I am actually on snow is pretty much shooting all day or all night and creating something that isn't already there.

Where are you from and where do you currently call home?

I am from Norway, I grew up in Rykkinn and I would like to still call that my home. I have been traveling close to 250 days a year for close to the last ten years, so when I am home I try to rest and be with my family. Norway will always be my home even though I might be based somewhere else to save on travel.

How did you start snowboarding?

I started snowboarding because of Alek Ostreng and Stale Sandbech–I don't know if I would have started that early if it wasn't for them. Since they went to the slopes every day after school, I had to get over there to have more time with my friends.

At what point did you realize that you wanted to work in the snowboard industry?

When I realized that I was already deep in it. I started shooting snowboard at a very young age and progressed fast. That put me in a position to have a career in it long before I actually had to think about making money. By that time it was a no-brainer. I still think its one of the best industries to be in because of the hard work, the natural play and fun of it, and that you have to work so close to it to even have an understanding of when or where to move.

And how did you make that happen?

When you have a passion for something–and you are not afraid to get your hand dirty, or cold in this matter–things will fall into place. I always refer to the natural progression that came from the RK1 friendship, that we all were doing what we loved to do, and were pushing each other. I had very specific dreams and goals, and I still do today. When you build your whole world around it, and you live and breathe it, you will make a baby step towards it every day. And I was willing to sacrifice for it and be ready for it when it’s there.

Who did you look up to in the industry for inspiration?

I look up to my friends, they are my biggest inspiration in every sense. Since they are people that I have a relationship with, and feel connected to, I learn more from them than anyone else. Good, inspiring people.

What do you feel has been your biggest impact in your line of work?

My biggest impact is hard to know. It would be easy to say RK1 again. If I will point out anything when it comes to my snow photography it would be documenting Torstein Horgmo´s first ever triple cork.

What do you want to accomplish that you haven’t yet?

There is always something. What it is I don't know. I keep on discovering new ways and new thoughts that I would like to jump on. Right now I am in between a lot, something that requires me to use my time and energy wisely. So everything will come at its time. Hopefully, I can do some of it before I turn 30….

Anyone you’d like to thank?

I would like to thank all my fans, even though it’s weird to say that I have fans, but they have always supported me and been opening a lot of doors that I didn't know existed. Thank you to all the people that have doubted me, or been there for me when I needed it.

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