Video of the Year

Every fall, full-length feature films are the harvest of a winter well spent, and this year, five films have risen to the top to take home Video of the Year awards in this poll. All five are incredible movies, but only one can take the win. You'll find out who that is on December 14h, but for now, catch up on the below material and decide the winner for yourself.

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The Brown crew developed out of friendship. This group of riders isn't playing by anyone else's rules, and that refreshing attitude comes through in their recent full-length. Like the Givin films that preceded it, Brown is the documentation of snowboarding for snowboarding's sake. If you're down, you're down. If not, Brown's not stressin'. They're boardin'.

The Future of Yesterday

As a generalization, snowboard films used to be rowdier. The antics were part of the program before this industry rounded the edges from much of the documentation of high-caliber riding. The Future of Yesterday is the antithesis to this. The personalities of its Euro cast are well-captured by director Theo Muse, alongside progressive riding in the street and backcountry. Its fun-first vibe almost makes you forget how insane the riding is.


The signature film project is gaining more traction each season in the snowboard industry, and of riders deserving of such Kazu Kokubo sits at the top of the list. Kamikazu is the product of Kokubo's vision—a project he directed and starred in alongside a cast he hand-picked. The film documents some of the best backcountry freestyle riding ever captured by a diverse list of riders.


The Vans snowboard team reads like a list of the most innovative riders in the world. LANDLINE. is the brand's first full-length snowboard film, with those behind the lenses that captured the riding—on 16mm film, by the way—sharing equivalent prowess in their field as those snowboarding. Directed by Tanner Pendleton, LANDLINE. will surely go down as one of the most memorable modern snowboard films.

Stay Tuned

Absinthe has been producing top-caliber films for more than a decade, putting some of snowboarding's biggest names on the map in the process. The Stay Tuned cast is comprised of some of these names alongside newcomers. The film has something for everyone, whether you want to see a flawless and timeless Nico method or progressive street riding from fresh faces.

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