Men’s Video Part of the Year

It’s been said that a good video part can cement one’s legacy, and a great video part can act as the crown jewel in one’s career, and these five riders can say both after their efforts last winter. Halldór, Dillon, Jake, Tommy, and Nicolas are among the best on earth at what they do, and when their parts came out, it was never as evident. That’s why we chose them as the nominees for Men’s Video Part of the Year, and it’s going to be a close race with all five deserving of the win. Now, it’s just up to the voters to decide.

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Halldór Helgason

Haldór Helgason has been putting out noteworthy video parts for years. His continued trick innovations, paired with a distinguished style and impressive amplitude, have long cemented his position as one of snowboarding's elite. This season, he continued to push the envelope with all three of the above metrics demonstrated by his ender part in The Future of Yesterday. If Halldór has taught us anything thus far, it's that he is far from finished making his mark on snowboarding.

Dillon Ojo

The late Dillon Ojo impacted snowboarding in ways far beyond his years. Most notably, was his performance in Vans' three-year project, LANDLINE., which will undoubtedly go on to inspire future generations of riders for years to come. Dillon's riding exemplifies what a unique vision in snowboarding looks like, and permanently cements Dillon's legacy among snowboarding's elite.

Jake Kuzyk

Jake Kuzyk has been a dominating force in snowboarding for quite some time. With a wealth of technical tricks in the bag, and a distingusied style to boot, he has developed what appears as a seemingly effortless approach to his riding that is not only well-rounded, but also mutually respected by all. Jake’s stand-out performance in Vans’ LANDLINE. is one of those parts that will turn heads for years to come, and earns him a very well-deserved placement on this list.

Tommy Gesme

This is the first year the young Tommy Gesme has made this list, and it's exciting to see a name that's circulated in snowboarding's inner circles for years finally seeing the recognition he deserves. Gesme's signature project with adidas, blender, demonstrates his unique approach to street riding. Tommy is part of snowboarding's New Wave.

Nicolas Müller

Nicolas Müller has been amongst snowboarding’s elite for longer than most on this list. His fluid approach to snowboarding has earned him accolades for years and positioned him as a style mentor to many. His recent part in Absinthe’s Stay Tuned only further cements his position within snowboarding and on this list, and while his experience far surpasses many in snowboarding, we won’t be surprised to see him on here again.

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