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Snowboard videos are designed to get us hyped to ride. And while most films get the blood pumping, some juice us up just a bit more. Kazuhiro Kokubo's new signature project, Kamikazu, is of the latter variety.

Since his entrance onto the scene at the 2004 US Open—where he snagged second as an unknown 14-year-old—Kazu has been a fan favorite. It’s a reputation he's earned. After his departure from the competitive spotlight, Kazu made a pact to snowboard on his terms alone. Not long after, he emerged from the shadows in a manner explosive as his 2004 introduction. This time, however, Kazu traded the firm walls of a halfpipe for the powder-laden slopes of the backcountry.

Kazu is at the point in his career that warrants a signature film project, and when that opportunity presented itself, the value he puts on originality determined its cast. The inherent hype that surrounds Kazu has built the film up to be among of the best released of recent, so it wasn’t a surprise that its world premiere drew a crowd. The sheer volume of attendants, however, was more than we anticipated.

Anticipation for the season ahead is the purpose a snowboard premiere. The list of attendees from around the world was staggering, as Kazu and friends made the trip from Japan and others like Kevin Backstrom and Max Buri crept in from Europe, in the midst of The Future of Yesterday premiere tour. RSVPs far exceeded capacity, and those that found their way through the door enjoyed a show worth standing in line for.

Kamikazu sets a new precedent in the documentation of backcountry freestyle snowboarding. With staggering clips from a cast that spans generations and genres, it is a film that defines the current state of pow riding. For anyone who enjoys riding deep snow with their friends, Kamikazu is the epitome of perfection in that regard. Portland was stop number one. We urge you to join us on the Cold Front Tour, where we will be showing Kamikazu, The Future of Yesterday, and Beta in a city near you soon.

About the Cold Front Tour:
The 2018 Cold Front Tour is bringing the ultimate season kick-off event to a city and big screen near you. TWSNOW and Snowboarder Magazines have collaborated to share their latest films with the masses thanks to generous support from 10 Barrel Brewing, Ikon Pass & Dragon Alliance. Each tour stop features top athletes, giveaways, after parties & more. Please fill out the following RSVP survey for your preferred stop to confirm attendance and provide contact info so we can stay connected with any Cold Front Tour news and updates. All details subject to change, so keep an eye out for updates.

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