Another year, and another Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails in the books. As always, hordes of snowboarders and fans made the annual pilgrimage up to Bear Mountain for the official winter kick-off event. Once again, the weekend did not disappoint.

Friday’s welcome party featured premieres of Snowboarder Magazine’s Beta, ThirtyTwo and Jordan Small’s Prism, and Stinky Socks’ Stinky Movie. The energy in the room was palpable as everyone congregated to welcome in a weekend of good times and enjoy the showing of all three films. As the films came to an end and drinks were drained, Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails’ regulars, Jaeger Bailey and Dylan Alito, finished the evening off by raising the stakes with a little side bet for added motivation. All we will say in that regard is that we don’t endorse alternative methods of alcohol consumption and that both were properly motivated for a strong finish the next day.

Unlike last year’s course which featured multiple lanes and intricate cross-over features, this season’s set up had returned to a single lane with a semi-traditional set of features. From the top, riders had the option of a bomb-drop start in the center of the lane which led into a large down-flat-down or flat-down rail features, or two standard drop-ins that fed to two hefty C-rails that mirrored each other on the courses exterior. Down below, the C-rails fed into a flat-up-flat on the rider’s right, and a flat-drop-down rail on the left that each saw their fair share of action. In the center, two pole-jam rails fed into two mirrored wall-rides with a butter-pad jump in-between. What looked like a fairly straightforward course, soon proved quite challenging as a surprising number of riders fell victim to the second half of the course, most notably River Richer with an abrupt slam to the hip on the top of the rider’s left wallride.

When all was said and done, each feature had been properly utilized, and the fans in attendance had sipped happily on drinks while enjoying the rail jam and accompanying musical performances by The Line and AWOLNATION. With another year of Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails in the books, we can now turn our sights on the coming season ahead. Congratulations to the winners.


1st Melissa Evans

1st Jaeger Bailey
2nd Dylan Alito
3rd Pat Fava

Best Trick:
Benny Milam

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