Last but certainly not least, Devun Walsh and Anto Chamberland wrap up our series of profiles on the DC Transitor crew. If you missed the previous profiles, make sure to check out Justin Fronius and Jordan Morse’s, Sebbe De Buck and Torstein Horgmo’s, and Brady Lem and Iikka Backstrom’s before continuing below for the grand finale. The DC team spent the season on the road bagging shots everywhere from the streets of Montreal to the powder filled forests of Japan, Austrian Alps, and back to Canada’s British Columbian powder playground. Their exploits can be watched in full with their latest video release, DC TRANSITORS: LONG PLAY.

Anto, Torstein, and Devun gassed up and ready to make it happen. PHOTO: Andy Wright

Who are your biggest influences?

Anto – Louif for his style, creativity, and modesty. Torstein for his unreal ability to land everything first try–that’s mental–and for his dedication to the sport. I also like the Manboys a lot. All of that said, I watch a lot of snowboarding and I really like a lot of people.

Devun – I was majorly influenced by Craig Kelly, Jaime Lynn, and Noah Salasnek. Craig for his forward thinking and raw talent, Jaime for his groundbreaking style, and Noah looked like he was riding a skateboard at all times!

Where did you grow up? How do you think that influenced your snowboarding?

Anto – I grew up in Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada. There aren’t really any real mountains where I’m from, so my snowboarding was always just in the streets when I was growing up.

Devun – I grew up in Canada and lived all over the place. We finally settled in Vancouver around the same year I started riding. I started on Seymour and the terrain there is all natural jumps so that's probably what made me who I am today.

Years of making the trip west to British Columbia have been vital to Anto’s acquired proficiency on a sled. PHOTO: Andy Wright

What board do you usually ride?

Anto – I ride the DC Space Echo because I can ride it anywhere from rails to the backcountry.

Devun – I ride the Space Echo and the Supernatant. I just love them, both ride so good and are so stable.

What is your stance?

Anto – I like to typically keep it at 21′ wide, and sometimes a little wider in the backcountry. My angles always stay at 12/-12.

Devun – 21 wide and 25 degrees on the front, with -15 degrees on back. Love duck foot stances and I always, always ride the same stance.

Not a shabby spot to spend a day filming. PHOTO: Andy Wright

What boots do you ride?

Anto – I have been mainly riding the Judge Boot for the last eight years. I’m lazy so I love the Boa and the boot has gotten better and better every year. I’m really happy with it.

Devun – I ride the Tucknees, they are so incredibly comfortable right out of the box.

What outerwear do you usually wear?

Anto – In the street, I wear the Resistance line, which is lighter and very convenient for the hustle of urban riding. In powder, I like the Command Jacket because of the Sympatex technology that makes it extremely waterproof and good for wet backcountry days.

Devun – I wear the Sympatex line because it keeps you so dry!

From this shot alone, you wouldn’t guess Anto began his career in the city. PHOTO: Andy Wright

How did you get started with DC?

Anto – I got started with DC eight years ago. They created a Canadian team with Jody Wachniak, Cory Gallon, Jeremy Cloutier, Didier Godbout and myself.

Devun – I was on the boots from the very beginning. I left for a brief minute during the Forum years but came back as soon as I could. I love the brand and I love the skate culture, so riding for DC has always been a huge priority for me. When DC mentioned we should do boards I was all in. And when Sean lake pulled Iikka, Lauri and Biittner in, it completed the perfect package. It was a dream team to get to ride/travel and hang with them!

What was your favorite part/trip of the season?

Anto – It was filming the Whistler episode for TRANSITORS because the crew was really fun we had a lot of sunny days. We took some time to snowboard and not just film as well. Party laps and slashes, we had a really good time. For the most part, it was Ikka, Devun, Torstein, and me–I might not really really fit in with that crew’s riding style all the time, but I don’t care, and I’m currently having the time of my life riding with them.

Devun – Japan was F#%ked, it honestly snowed at least a foot every night and was dry and fluffy for the whole two weeks we were there. I love that place! Twelve days straight of riding epic powder!

A moment to reflect and watch the team is critical on long days spent deep in the backcountry. PHOTO: Andy Wright

What was the biggest challenge you faced during the season?

Anto – Filming for Real Snow, because at the same time, I was filming for the first few TRANSITORS episodes in Quebec and Japan. It made it really hard to get footage for everything. I’m not really sure how I made it happen, but looking back, I am stoked on the results.

Devun – I didn't have many, maybe balancing home life. Just sorted it out.

What is your favorite part of traveling for snowboarding?

Anto – My favorite part of traveling is traveling. I love the journey, the missions, and everything it takes to get the trip done. I’m in love with traveling and visiting. Damn, snowboarding makes me really happy!

Devun – I love riding new terrain, exploring. Hanging with the team.

Rails to rooster tales, Anto Chamberland with a high-velocity smear. PHOTO: Andy Wright

What is a non-snowboarding item that you always bring with you when traveling?

Anto – I always bring my A6300 from Sony. I love photography and it is a great thing to bring with me on all of the adventures snowboarding brings me on.

Devun – Hmmmm, not sure. I don't honestly bring much usually.

What is something outside of snowboarding that you are passionate about?

Anto – I am really passionate about surfing, skateboarding, being outside, and remodeling houses. I love to be active and on any type of board whenever possible.

Devun – Golf. I'm such a nerd.

Fresh above and tracked below. Devun Walsh launches deep. PHOTO: Andy Wright

What is your regular morning/day routine when on a trip?

Anto – Coffee, food, and then trying to not forget anything and not be the last one in the car.

Devun – Wake up, drink coffee, go snowboarding.

What do you want to improve in your riding?

Anto – Everything.

Devun – Exercise more and ride more.

There is an astonishingly pristine quality to a first drop shot into powder. Anto Chamberland disrupting the stillness. PHOTO: Andy Wright

Outside of snowboarding, what are your talents?

Anto – I like to consider myself somewhat of a Handyman, particularly when it comes to remodeling houses.

Devun – Lol, not sure.

What is your favorite part about snowboarding in British Columbia?

Anto – I like that it’s in Canada! There is no border to go through, I don’t have to get a cell phone plan, and it is only a five-hour flight.

Devun – The terrain and the snow.

Teamwork makes the dream work. PHOTO: Andy Wright

Have you been riding in BC before, and if so, how has your experience changed over time?

Anto – I have been going to British Columbia for many years. The biggest change is that I’m getting better and better at sledding, and much smarter about avalanche safety. The more you know, the better the experience is, and there is always more to learn about backcountry safety.

Devun – It's gotten way too busy these days. Words out how good it is.

What is it about BC that brings you back, year after year?

Anto – The snow is good and it’s very convenient to travel to. I also have a sled there and some friends to stay with, so that always makes the experience that much better.

Devun – Amazing terrain and snow.

As a longtime Whistler resident, Devun Walsh is confident and comfortable taking flight in the backcountry. PHOTO: Andy Wright

What are your favorite things about riding with Devun?

Anto – He never makes you feel any pressure, a quality that makes him a really great person to work with when on a filming trip.

What are your favorite things about riding with Anto?

Devun – He's so positive and easy to hang with. Fun guy to be around.

Anto Chamberland drops the hand and raises the legs. PHOTO: Andy Wright

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