Photos: Cole Martin

As seen in the November 2018 issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding.

Originally, Dillon Ojo, Benny Urban, Danimals, Harry Hagan, Cole Martin and myself were in Germany while the other crew was in Bulgaria. When our crew arrived in Czech, we let the other guys know how good the snow was. They were leaving Bulgaria and decided to switch their flights to come meet up with us instead of going home. Tanner Pendleton also flew out to meet up. Shortly after we sent the signal, we had a massive crew all staying in one hotel in Czech. — Cole Navin

Jake Kuzyk.

"This spot involved a ton of preparation and traffic control. We had to physically push some parked cars on ice in order to make room for Jake to land. It was a major operation and super chaotic." — Cole Navin

Dan Liedahl and Dillon Ojo.

Dillon Ojo.

Cole Navin.

Cole Navin.

Sam Taxwood.

In a way, Germany felt surprisingly similar to home. I’ve been to parts of the US that have greater cultural differences than what I felt in Germany. Czech was a bit different. In both places, people were generally kind. We ran in to some really helpful and supportive people in Czech. They weren’t as surprised by what we were doing as I would have expected them to be and took kindly to our presence. — Cole Navin

Cole Navin for the greater good of the world.

Sam Taxwood.

Benny Urban.

"Benny helped us out a lot. We even got to hit a few more spots because he was able to explain to people in their native language why we were there and what we were doing. Thanks, Benny." — Dan Liedahl

Jake Kuzyk.

Joining the trip was a last-minute decision. A group of us were in Bulgaria for two weeks when Tanner asked us to come meet up in the Czech Republic. At first we all decided against it, then changed our minds right before. I'm glad we did. I got to see most of Eastern Europe last winter. Those countries are all on the rise. It was really nice experience.  — Jake Kuzyk.

Dan Liedahl.

The Czech Republic was a roller coaster of events. People were just showing up out of thin air to help us when we needed it, whether it was Simon helping us with spots and inspiration, a random whiskey-giving friend helping us with a foreign hospital experience, angry old ladies, or a Czech opera singer. All of these things just fell into place perfectly. The Czech will always hold a dear place in my heart. Dekuji. — Mike Rav

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