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Words: Justin Cafiero

A group of Burlington artists are putting conversation back into music discovery.

Long before Spotify or Pandora, we found new tunes another way: by popping a snowboard flick into the VCR. For many of us who grew up during these analog times, snowboard films were one of the ways, if not the way, we matured our musical taste buds. Contained in those VHS tapes were the latest and greatest antics, tricks, trips and culture, all bridged together by a carefully curated soundtrack.

This collection of songs could, and often did, span entire eras and genres within a single film. Those anthologies ultimately helped form the musical tastes of countless snowboarders, including myself. Before the modern internet age, when music licensing was a bit more lawless, you could find the likes of the Souls of Mischief, Queen, Modest Mouse, NOFX, Iron Maiden, Architecture in Helsinki and many more, all contained within 20 to 30 minutes of grainy snowboarding footage.

Photo: Kahyl Cooper

When you think about it, music is still a common thread that ties a large portion of the snowboarding community together. So it seems quite natural that from that same community, another musically inspired creation would spring forth. Inspirational United is an alliance of DJs, musicians, and artists who, for the most part, reside in the East Coast snowboarding hub that is Burlington, Vermont. Created in the fall of 2017 by graphic designer Lucy Prouty, musician, DJ and sound engineer Ross Travis, and web designer and sound engineer Nick Campolo, Inspirational United takes a nostalgic approach to online broadcasting with the goal of bringing friends, music enthusiasts and creative types all together with one collective goal: to share music.

L to R: Terje, Jack Mitrani, Hayley Simpson, DJ Brittle Bones.

"Being a designer, it was natural that I work on the design and social media," Lucy explains. "Ross manages the sound and gear, and Nick took charge of the website and testing different streaming methods. Collectively, the three of us worked together to get the visuals and audio online, to create an interesting lineup, and get people's attention."

Burlington has been a hub for snowboarding for decades, so it's no surprise that a large part of the DJs from Inspirational United are either snowboarders themselves, or are somehow involved with action sports to a certain degree. Featured artists range from legendary photographer Blotto, to snowboarding journalist Stan Leveille, to the owner of Skida headwear who DJs under the name Millenial Toast, to the VP of Creative at Burton, Evan Rose, of East Infection fame. The list of those involved is seemingly endless and varied, the majority of whom are linked to snowboarding through business or pleasure, and typically both. The cast and crew are thoroughly mixed between seasoned musical performance pros and total newcomers, with some getting involved simply through email or via DM.

The livestreaming aspect of IU grants audiences a backstage pass to every performance—each one unique and varied by featuring new locales and artists with every episode.

L to R: Crystal Jonez, Crusty Cuts, Blotto

As for the name? "We really didn't overthink naming it; it just came about," admits Prouty. "But as it's evolved, it's turned into this thing that's actually extremely inspiring and uniting for our community. I love it."

"It's an advanced take on 'pass the aux cord,'" she continues. "What we're doing is giving people who are talented at DJ'ing, or who have never DJ'ed but are extremely passionate about music, an opportunity to share their collection with the world."

In this modern age of musical discovery, it's hard to argue that the internet hasn't made finding new bands or obscure genres significantly easier. But simultaneously, as Prouty points out, it's also made the discovery a bit more isolating and less conversational. "What we're doing is starting a discussion about our musical tastes and finds," she continues.

L to R: Dr. Nose, My Son Stan & CBDj, Four D

The goal is simple: to share music with friends. Many established local and global radio stations are tough to become involved with. So by taking advantage of the accessibility that comes with live internet streaming, IU allows anyone who is passionate about their musical tastes an outlet to share their collection with the world.

"We're not concerned with following the rules of traditional broadcasting, marketing, or design," says Prouty. "I think that's what people have been liking about what we've created. The thought is to experience it all in the moment – as if you were at a concert or festival."

"We also like to have fun, so throwing a 10-hour party every once in a while isn't bad."

Listen to the Spotify playlist of snowboarding soundtracks curated by IU Artists:

We asked the lineup of Inspirational United about some of their top snowboarding musical selections. Not all are available on streaming services like Spotify, but it's worth a dig into the archives, or at least YouTube, to find some this grainy footage.

Lucy (Lucille Sunday):

  1. Ghost Town by The Specials — Neverland
  2. Hippie Hippie Hourrah by Jacques Dutronc — Videograss Shoot The Moon | Louif Paradis
  3. Creep On Creepin' On by Timbre Timbre — TransWorld SNOWboarding "NATION" | Forest Bailey
  4. Alright by Supergrass — Cheers
  5. Because by Smearz —Burton Variable Conditions

Stan (My Son Stan):

  1. Röyksopp – Remind Me (Radio Edit) —  LAME
  2. 93 'Til Infinity – Souls of Mischief — True Life
  3. Suburban Home – Descendents — Revenge of the Grenerds
  4. This is how we do it – Montell Jordan — Shakedown
  5. El Diablo – Compay Quinto — Videograss Shoot the Moon

Evan Rose (Dr. Nose):

  1. Over The Electric Grapevine by Primus — Subjekt Haakonsen
  2. Pattern Against User by At The Drive In — Destroyer
  3. Head Rush by Heavy Vegetable — TB3 Coming Down the Mountain
  4. Dear Prudence by Figure Ground — New Kids on the Twock
  5. Everyday is Halloween by Ministry — Western Front

Brenna (Brittle Bones):

  1. Finger by Ty Segall — Snow Porn | Mikkel Bang
  2. Matadora (Medina Remix) by Sofi Tukker — Absinthe Films After Forever | Kimmy Fasani
  3. Age of Consent by New Order — That | Ikka Backstrom
  4. Cop Killer by John Maus — Still Hard | Too Hard Crew
  5. Gone With The Wind by Ahmad Jamal Trio — Glue

Liam (Crusty Cuts):

  1. I Put a Spell on You by Screamin Jay Hawkins — TransWorld SNOWboarding “In Color" | Chris Bradshaw
  2. Bassment Party by the Cool Kids — Burton  It's Always Snowing Somewhere | Mikkel Bang
  3. Survival of the Fittest by Mobb Deep — FODT Moment of Truth | Justin Bennee
  4. This Is What I Do by the Diplomats — DOPE | E-Man Anderson
  5. Eskimo Blue Day by Jefferson Airplane — BOZWRECK 2 | Keegan Valaika

Ryan (Four-D):

  1. Hourglass by S U R V I V E — Knowbuddy’s Up North – Whitefish
  2. Why Don’t You Just Drop In by Giles, Fripp — Givin Too | Forest Bailey
  3. Are Friends Electric by Gary Numan —Burton Thanks in Advance Mt. Baker Part
  4. Vireo’s Eye by Future Islands — Depth Perception
  5. Press Rewind by Del The Funkee Homosapien — Absinthe Films Twe12ve | Dan Brisse

Alex (Diggy Poppins):

  1. Direct to Helmet by The Spinto Band — That
  2. Gone Until November by Wyclef Jean — Decade
  3. Once In A Lifetime by Talking Heads — Afterbang
  4. L'amour A 3 by Stereo Total — Lame
  5. We Like To Party! By Vengaboys — Return of the Wildcats

Cory Sweitzer (MTC):

  1. SAY AMEN (feat. A$AP Ferg) — Videograss "Roll Call" | Spencer Schubert | Bodega Bamz
  2. Whalesong by Yamantaka/Sonic Titan — "The Snowboarder Movie: Forward" | Intro Montage
  3. Don't Cry Out by  Shiny Toy Guns — Mack Dawg Productions "Follow Me Around" | Heikki Sorsa
  4. 3am by Young Jeezy — Sunday in the Park | 2007 ep4
  5. Get It On by T.Rex — TWSNOW Part 2009 | Jed Anderson

To get involved or listen | | @inspirationalunited

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