Often times we are told not to judge a book by its cover. We’re warned that it’s rarely a representation of what lies inside. The irony, however, is that when it comes to magazines, particularly this very periodical, that timeworn warning could not be more misguided.

Here, you see an image shot by TransWorld SNOWboarding Content Director, Nick Hamilton, of Cozy Bois and The Future of Yesterday stars, Tor Lundstrom and Max Buri. Both are propelled into the sky, with Max following closely behind Tor–the latter’s method torqued as torqued gets. The photo, while representative of their group-first mentality, also speaks to the youthful and unrestrained attitude that is their snowboarding. The Cozy Bois like to have fun, and within the folds of the September Issue, you will find a profile of the crew that further cements this understanding, as well as this image’s selection for the first cover of TransWorld SNOWboarding’s 32nd volume.

If this instantly-classic image has not yet arrived on your doorstep, we recommend you hurriedly make your way to the nearest newsstand, before renewing your subscription, here. Once said reading material has been both acquired and consumed, we further recommend you brush up on the above-mentioned film by watching the official trailer, here, and RSVPing for the premiere tour stop coming to a city near you soon, here. We promise, you won’t regret it.

La Plagne, France. Not a shabby place to shack up for a bit if you ask us. PHOTO: Nick Hamilton

What's the story with this Cover?

We were shooting for The Future Of Yesterday movie, and Theo Muse (the Director) wanted to get the full squad together in March somewhere in Europe so that everyone could all ride and film together as one big crew. The western side of the Alps was getting a ton of snow, so we started looking into France. Ethan and Halldor had been to La Plagne a few years before and said there was a bunch of spots for jumps that could be good. We contacted Charlie from Alpaholics Chalets in La Plagne, and he lined us up with a dope chalet to stay in before he guided us around the area showing us where all the spots where. It was Theo, Halldor, Ethan, Kevin, Tor, Max, and myself.

The calm before the storm. PHOTO: Nick Hamilton

What's it like shooting in France?

We scored during this week. It was hands down the standout week of the season for filming. When you stay in a nice chalet like this, everything is lined up. We had our own chef for the week, thanks Rob, and we could ride down from the chalet door to the chairlift in the morning, and back to the chalet door at the end of the day. Our spot had an outdoor jacuzzi and indoor sauna as well. Halldor said it was the best set up for filming he's ever had, because this way we could just focus on the snowboarding full time, relax in the jacuzzi after riding, and not be brain dead trying to figure out where to eat after shoveling, hiking, rag dolling, and stomping all day.

Sometimes aprés commitments mean an early start. PHOTO: Nick Hamilton

What's the story with this jump?

The jump spot was insane. It was a bowled out area right next to the piste (trail), off the main high-speed six-seater lift. Not where you would expect it, and right under your nose. We spent a full day building the jump and run in. You needed a ton of speed for this jump, so the guys were hauling ass down the trail, then cutting off into our runway we built through the pow field.

Just barely off-piste, this on-resort jump proved to be the home to many NBD’s. PHOTO: Nick Hamilton

We actually walked up to the jump in the morning. The weather was claiming clear skies in the morning, then clouds building up, and Charlie from Alpaholics had an Apres Party going down in the afternoon he wanted us at and said we can’t be late. So, we actually got up super early and hiked up the trail to the jump. We got their two hours before the lifts opened to start sessioning.

Not your average run-in, but then again, since when were the Cozy Bois average? PHOTO: Nick Hamilton

What went down during the session?

Well, it was pretty crazy. Everyone got a couple tricks on this jump. You will see it all over The Future Of Yesterday movie when it comes out 10/10/18. Max stomped some smooth backside 540's and back 7's, Ethan got a back 10, Tor got a front 9, Kevin was getting huge pop with his rewind frontside 540's, and Halldor threw down a couple NBD's which was insane. It was one of those sessions where everyone was getting tricks. As a photographer, I could just sit back and try to document the progression session. I knew I wanted to get a couple specific still shots at the end of the session, and Max and Tor were stoked to hit it together dropping in as a train for a couple of double methods. They did a couple of these at the end to close out the session as the clouds rolled in, and it was time to Apres.

The list of riders who can look this casually confident at this point in a rotation is incredibly short. Here, Halldor proves he’s one of them. Photo: Nick Hamilton


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