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When I took this internship, traffic was simply what I sat in every morning hoping my '89 Geo Metro wouldn't stall. It turns out they've got another definition around here. Because of it, I've been tasked with posting all types of stuff I couldn't care less about, in attempt to appease the insatiable internet.

Some over-crowded mountain in Colorado got two feet of snow? Doesn't matter to me. I'll be right here at the cardboard box that serves as my desk. Oh, the Farmer's Almanac said the entire country is going to have a bad winter? But the Old Farmer's Almanac says it's going to be good? Who are these farmers anyway? Someone took a GoPro video of their two-year-old on a snowboard? That'll be great to show the family at Thanksgiving, but does the whole world need to see it? Probably not. I grew up reading magazines because they made snowboarding look cool; weather posts and babies snowboarding don't. Some dork on a light-up snowboard certainly isn't helping either.

But if traffic is an indicator of interest in 2018—and trust me, after sitting through my fourth SEO meeting this week I can tell you it is—neon man at night is beating the pants off the rider who put an entire winter into filming a three-minute video part.

You see, before the internet sunk its dirty digital claws into snowboarding—long before I had this deceitfully disappointing gig—media dictated what kind of snowboarding its audience saw. Now it seems it's often the other way around. Roles have been reversed. Every one of your clicks is a vote. And when the proverbial polls indicate that a half-assed post on the latest storm or extreme toddler is what the people want, well, that's what they're going to get. I'm told traffic is what helps pay for the stuff that makes snowboarding look cool. So if that video a parent made in a Sunday afternoon subsidizes the lack of clicks on something a worthwhile rider dedicated their whole season to, well, I guess it's going up.

So if you're as fed up as I am, I urge you, please vote with your clicks. Skip the baby snowboarding and watch a full part or read an interview. If not for snowboarding's sake, do it for mine. It's hard enough…

Please excuse me, it turns out I've got a new video of a three-year old snowboarding in a four-foot storm to post.

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