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Before I somehow ended up in the dark corner of this office, I was a kid growing up in a close-minded area of the United States, where snowboarding was hardly a speck on the community's radar. It wasn't until I decided on some college out West that I even discovered the joys of riding actual snow. I can still remember those first waist-deep turns. It was at that exact moment in time that I promised to never move back to my misinformed hometown and probably around the same time I decided to stop showing up to class when the snow was good. Well, except for that horticulture class. Learning how to grow things in small spaces has proven a bit more lucrative than this intern gig, if you know what I'm saying.

Anyway, as much as I have vowed not to move back to that little town back East, I do still happen to be "friends" on social media with many old acquaintances from there. While I find the constant influx of baby pictures to be less than desirable, and am tired of the regular tirades over which sports figures are taking a knee, nothing riles me up like the asinine climate change deniers.

Before you get upset with expectations of this turning into some politically fueled tirade, calm down. However, if you are one of those who have to make everything political, then I suggest you turn the page now. Maybe go pick up an issue of Good Housekeeping and learn how to whittle yourself a wittle bowl to catch your wittle baby tears.

Back to those climate change deniers, especially those who are somehow also winter sports enthusiasts. My question is simply, "Why?" Why do you want to deny climate change is happening? Do you not like the winter? Do you not enjoy waist-deep pow days? While I could proceed to write a 10,000-word piece on the facts supporting its legitimacy—like the fact that last year was the second warmest year on record only behind 2016—I don't have time for that between fixing paper jams and stuffing subscription cards into thousands of magazine copies. And, well, my editors only give me this single page anyhow. Lucky for you.

So what's the worst that could happen if you concluded that climate change was real? We all decide to stop filling the oceans with trash and the air with deadly toxins? God forbid climate change ends up being a huge hoax and we find out that we wasted our time making the air we breathe cleaner and the world we live in a more sustainable place for ourselves and our children. What a travesty—we created a better world for absolutely nothing.

Yes, I get it. This may be selfish. After all, I'm putting all my marbles into a profession that hardly pays to begin with, and by the time I land one of these poorly paid positions there might not be much snow left to ride or write about. At least I've got those horticulture skills to fall back on.

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