Photos: Laura Austin

Going to the X Games is intense. There are a ton of people, you are always getting yelled at for trying to go where you want, and there’s crazy shit happening all around you. Sometimes you need to just go somewhere and chill. Well this year there was such a place. TheGoodLife! teamed up with Sailor Jerry and TheGoodLife! Cabin was born. You didn’t need a wristband, or anything to get into the cabin, you just needed to know where it was. Once you made it you could get a hair cut from OG Kevin of Frank’s Chop Shop, a tattoo from Downtown Terry Brown, or just have a nice Sailor Jerry rum drink and play a game of dominoes. It was the perfect place to break up the madness and just kick it with the friends. Check out this gallery, and next year at the X Games keep your ear to the buzz, and maybe you’ll find yourself at the Cabin.

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Peter Line got his first tattoo by Downtown Terry Brown. PHOTO: Laura Austin