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Photo: Jeff Curtes

Krista Moroge. Photo: Jeff Curtes

There are a lot of obvious names to go to for female role models in the snowboarding world, but the one person who probably made the biggest impression on me in the five minutes I spent talking to her was Krista Moroge. I’m sure she’d have no idea.

When I met her she was the Burton regional territory manager in Salt Lake. She was my friend Josh’s boss and he spoke so incredibly highly of her that I took note. She was a sick skater, a sick snowboarder, and an incredibly accomplished business owner.

As a woman in the “male-dominated snowboard industry”, you always get asked whether it’s more difficult or whether you face any challenges as a woman, she was asked this same question in an interview with powderroom.net, her answer pretty much sums up what impressed me about her, People are usually surprised when I say not really. It’s not that I’ve been lucky either, it’s the way I have chosen to allow my mind to work, I don’t even consider it. Probably because it isn’t in my realm of thought-If someone were to try to make it challenging for me, I would not even recognize it and steamroll right over them.”

RIP Krista. Our thoughts are with her family and her friends.

Krista died from cancer, she was involved with SeventyK, an advocacy group for adolescents and young adults with cancer. Go to www.seventyk.org to support the Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Bill of Rights.

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