Rhythm releases Freddie Austbo pro model

 From the Rhythm Livin blog:

“we are delighted to announce the release of a limited edition of custom snowboards, including a pro model for team rider fredrik austbo.

the boards will be produced at an undisclosed location in switzerland, with the focus being on quality, not quantity.

freddy wanted a board with exceptional response and pop, the kind that can't be mass-produced.

we found some people who are as passionate about making snowboards as we are about riding them.

their setup isn't a factory, it's a small workshop where each board is built by hand, using the highest grade materials.

boards like this don't come cheap, but we're not building them to make a profit.

we're building them for our team riders, and for anyone else looking for a board that is more like a swiss watch than a chinese noodle.

fredrik is just as stoked on the graphic as the board itself:

'for my artwork I wanted to feature the swords that represent my hometown of stavanger, so I put my friend peter-john at shallowtree.com on it.

he went to work for 24 hours straight, and i'm SO blown away by the result.'

along with three other models including a fish, you'll be hard pressed to find one of these for yourself this season.”