Photos by Laura Austin and Craig Wetherby

Living TheGoodLife! With Sailor Jerry Rum at the Hideout during XGames

This year Sailor Jerry and the GoodLife! were back with their hideout at the X Games. While it was similar in some regards, it was WAY different in others. This year the house wasn’t in a small condo, it was in a massive mansion. Shit, there was an elevator in the house. The rum was flowing, bones were happening on the regs, tattoos were happening thanks to legendary tattoo artists Oliver Peck, and people were getting trimmed up and looking nice thanks to Straight Edge Kevin and Frank’s Chop Shop. On the last night, Sunday, The GoodLife also had a viewing party of their collaboration with Asymbol gallery. The Sailor Jerry GoodLife! hideout is one of the best kept secrets of the X Games. There’s no list, no wristband, you just need to know where it is and you’re in. We can’t wait to hang out there again next year!

Louie Vito getting tattooed by Oliver Peck. PHOTO: Craig Wetherby