Music is pretty important to snowboarding. Think about your favorite video part, do you think that part would still be your favorite part if it had a terrible song? We doubt it. Music can make or break a snowboard part. So we figured why not let you all know the bands that we’re listening to, and maybe you can use them in an edit or just listen to them.

Pure Bathing Culture at the Urban Lounge in SLC, UT.

Pure Bathing Culture is a Portland, Oregon based band that’s comprised of Daniel Hindman and Sarah Versprille. They have a cool, unique sound. They kind of sound like if The Smiths and Tennis became one band. It’s something that you can put on and be really happy that you put on becasue it doesn’t sound like much else out there. Also, we have a feeling you will impress your hip girlfriend if you put this on in front of her, just saying.

Check out their music video for their song Ivory Coast it’s trippy and there’s aliens in it:

Find out more about Pure Bathing Culture HERE