Head Jib Factory 2011 by Alex Tank

Video: Felix Urbauer
Photos: Christian Brecheis

After the great success of last year’s event it was time again for the twenty best European jibbers to show off their skills at the second “Head Jib Factory by Alex Tank” for a final time this season from April 22-24,2011. The Jam Session format stayed the same this year: no spectators and the riders judged each other. With a sunny 24 degrees it was certainly fun and creativity that were most important that day, with a BBQ and sound by DJ Smart making the whole event perfect.

Setup and Game of Snow
The specially designed setup of this contest was built up on the last little bit of snow at the Allgäu Oberjoch and offered amongst other obstacles a gas tank on a small hip. These could be ridden either via a Polejam or a normal transition; landing was on a wooden bank.

Right next to it was the biggest of all obstacles: a straightrail with a landing into a 14 steps stairset with two 9m downrails. It was up to the riders to either land on the steps or to gape onto the Downrails. The left Downrail could also be ridden via a Polejam. The last obstacle was a normal downrail that was mainly used for the Game of Snow.

As a Game of Snow doesn’t work with the usual rules if you have 20 riders, the tricks were determined with a "Snow Dice” .
You can be sure that the dice commanded a few pretty hardcore tricks such as Switch FS 270 Hardway to Switch or Switch Backside Lipslide Brezel, just to name two examples.

It was Marc Swoboda who stood out especially as he had pretty much all tricks on lock and so deserved the Game of Snow victory with just two letters. Being a real sport
person Marc shared his 500 € Game of Snow prize money with the runner up Toni Kerkelä from Finland .

Cash for Tricks by Speaker Jagge
The exciting Downrail action was followed by two hardcore sessions at the gas tank and the steps. It was obvious that the gap between Polejam and Downrail was quite a challenge but, after a few tries, most of the riders pretty much took it apart. As there was Cash for Tricks on all obstacles all day long the riders were able to make a little pocket money distributed by Speaker Jagge. Only the setting sun was able to end the first day of the Head Jib Factory.

Second day cancelled due to heavy rain
Unfortunately the weather changed on the second day and the contest had to be cancelled due to the heavy rain. That meant that the riders had to determine the three winners in the categories Best Rider Overall, Best Trick and Most Creative Trick.

Initiator Alex Tank after the Contest
“After two days of super hardcore digging in the snow we had a perfect park for the weekend which was completely taken apart by the invited guys. There where more bangers than you can imagine. Thanks a lot to all the riders, photographers and film crews. See you next time!”

Best Rider Overall: Marc Swoboda AUT (2000 €)
Best Trick: Benny Urban GER, Polejam BS 360 to 50-50 BS 180 out at the Gastank (1000 €)
Most Creative Trick: Dani Rajcsanyi GER, BS Bluntslide tranfer FS Bluntslide at the stairset (1000 €)
Winner Game of Snow: Marc Swoboda AUT (500 €)
Alex Tank GER
Marc Swoboda AUT
Benny Urban GER
Dani Rajcsanyi GER
Toni Kerkelä FIN
Flo Geiger GER
Denis Leontyev RUS
Chris Chatt GBR
Elmar Bossard SUI
Simon Gruber ITA
Gerben Veirwej NED
Joey von Essen NED
James Hull GBR
Julien Emch SUI
James Niederberger SUI
Seppi Scholler AUT
Michi Miethig GER
Jesse Augustinus NED
Basti Rittig GER
Robert Butscher GER