Snowboarding Legend Bjorn Leines Teaches Nils Mindnich the Fundamentals of Heliboarding | Insight
Incoming. Bjorn Leines snagging the shot while zooming around in the chopper at the Eagle Pass Heli. Photo: Scott Serfas

Bjorn and Nils at Eagle Pass Heli

The Monashee Mountains receive absurd amounts of snowfall, and nestled within lies a place called Eagle Pass Heli. The topography below the feet upon feet of flakes is variable and featured, setting up a perfect playground for snowboarders.

Anyone with a thirst for deep, dry snow would be satisfied at Eagle Pass. But getting to hop in a heli with someone you’ve grown up idolizing, then sessioning with them? That’s even better. And it’s exactly what played out for Nils Mindnich.

The legendary Bjorn Leines got in the bird with Nils and took him under his wing, showing up the up-and-comer the ropes of heliboarding, as the two took lap after lap, hitting launch after launch. It’s safe to say this is a trip Nils will remember for quite some time.

Supported by: Eagle Pass Heli

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It’s all about the angles. Bjorn and the guides discuss potential zones at Eagle Pass Heli. Photo: Scott Serfas

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