Sunday in the Park: The Longest Running Web Series in Snowboarding | Insight
Cam in hand, ready to GTS. Justin Meyer in the early days of Sunday in the Park. Photo: Chris Wellhausen

Sunday in the Park

Sunday’s just wouldn’t be same without it. Bear Mountain’s notorious web series, Sunday in the Park, has kept us entertained every Sunday for over 10 years, and thankfully it shows no signs of slowing.

After steadily filming snowboarding for a few years, Joe Carlino was tempted by the SoCal scene and packed his bags and headed west. On the drive, his mom rang him and told him that Bear Mountain was looking to hire someone to make “web videos.” Though snowboard films had long been established, web edits were a new concept, ripe with possibilities. With Carlino’s snowboard video background already solidified, he was in.

“The whole creative behind it, was that there was no creative— it was just us snowboarding,” said Carlino of the early days of the edits.

Then after a few years, Justin Meyer came onto the scene along with Carlino and they teamed up with TransWorld, and coined Sunday in the Park. Since then, we’ve been featuring these progressive edits that highlight what’s possible on Bear’s sick set-ups, to keep you stoked, Sunday after Sunday.

It’s a series that’s seen so many NBD moments, and it will continues to, as long as it lives on.

Supported by: Bear Mountain

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No other web series has had the longevity of Sunday in the Park, and it continues to churn out NBD moments. Photos: Justin Meyer & Chris Wellhausen

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