30 Days Of Giveaways!

20 Thousand Bucks in Prizes!

We’re giving away everything you need—from snowboards, boots, and bindings, to full outerwear kits, to an amazing Aspen/Snowmass vacation!

  1. Sunday
  2. Monday
  3. Tuesday
  4. Wednesday
  5. Thursday
  6. Friday
  7. Saturday

  1. Bonfire Outerwear

  2. Alex Bottles
  3. Elm Company Apparel
  4. Never Summer Snowboard
  5. Banshee Bungee 20-Foot
  6. Nikita Package
  7. Bond Outerwear
  8. A Winter of Clif Bars
  9. Vans Snow Collection
  10. Bern Unlimited Package
  11. K2 Snowboard and Boots
  12. Ashbury Package
  13. Planet Earth Outerwear
  14. 686 x New Balance
  15. One Ball Jay Tuning Gear
  16. Celsius Boots Package
  17. Vew-Do Balance Board
  18. Pro-Tec Package
  19. Electric Visual Package

  20. Burton Complete Hardgoods Setup

  21. Salomon Board and Bindings

  22. Mountain High Lift Tickets

  23. Drop Gloves and Goggles

  24. Lifetime Outfit

  25. Oakley Gretchen Bleiler Kit

  26. Anon and RED Package

  27. Volcom Gigi Giveaway

  28. DC Complete Setup

  29. Ride Snowboards Hardgoods

  30. An Aspen Vacation! Three Days and Nights for Two, Including Flights!
Every single day during September, we’re giving away and epic prize pack to one lucky reader. We aren’t talking about “one size fits all” oversized shirts here—we’re talking full outerwear kits; board, boot, and bindings setup; sunglasses, goggles, helmets, headphones, and much more. And don’t sleep on the incredible Grand Prize: an all- expense (flights, lodging, tickets, guides) trip for two to Aspen/ Snowmass, Colorado!

As a month, September is pretty rough. It’s either hot and muggy or cold and dry, you’re back to school or stuck in the office, and worst of all, snowfall is still a head-pounding few months away. With the exception of the international “Talk Like A Pirate Day” on the 19th (true), the morning-glory month just kind of sucks … but not anymore.

TransWorld SNOWboarding and 30 very generous companies have come together to launch the most epic product toss in history: the first annual 30 Days Of Giveaways. From full hardgoods setups and top-to-bottom outerwear kits, to massive accessory packages and limited-edition goods, we’ll be sending one lucky online reader a fresh grip of the year’s best new products, each and every day of September.

Burton, Oakley, Celsius, Electric, K2, Ashbury, and 25 others; they’re all in here. And don’t sleep on the incredible Grand Prize: an all-expense (domestic flights, lodging, tickets, guides, etc) trip for two to Aspen Snowmass, Colorado!

Best part? All you gotta do is click over to the website each day and enter—that’s it! No cost, no contests, no mailing list sign-ups—this is the real deal.

An entire month of your favorite snowboard companies giving back to you, the snowboarder.
Enter early, enter often, and good luck!