Your Turn Video Contest ‘Full Part’ Winners

2nd Place with 305 Votes: Daniel Gardiner from Nanaimo

Do you remember the first snowboard video you saw?

I remember going to the This Video Sucks premiere, that video definitely had me hyped. Joe Sexton’s part was gnarly.

Where do you ride normally/ where were your riding in the edit?

I ride Seymour a lot, and try to get up to Whistler as much as possible. A few clips in my part were filmed in Vancouver, the rest was shot in Nelson BC over a week or so of winter break.

What made you want to start filming, and what do you get out of it?

It’s always fun to film with your friends and then be able to watch old videos and see how much you progress. This season was the first time I was able to film a street video and I can’t wait to do it again!

What snowboard videos inspire you the most, anyones part in particular?

Anything from Keep the Change is always sick and all the summer camp videos are super progressive. Shoutout to all the Ontario boys, their edits are always on point. The Footyfiend homies hold it down in Whis as well.

Your Turn snowboard Video Contest_In_The_Lead

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