Your Turn Video Contest ‘Full Part’ Winners

Your Turn Video Contest ‘Full Part’ Winners

This spring we were getting bombarded with your emails and messages showing your footage. So last month we launched the “Your Turn Video Contest” with the first category “Full Part”. After a month of fierce campaigning for Votes on our Facebook page, here are the top 3.

3rd Place with 259 Votes: Derick Lang from Sioux Falls

 Do you remember the first snowboard video you saw?

No, I don’t remember the first video I saw, but probably about 3 years ago I started watching Jed Anderson video parts.

Where do you ride normally/ where were your riding in the edit?

I ride at my home park, Great Bear, in Sioux Falls, SD. It’s only about a 200 foot hill. It literally takes 5 mins to get up the hill and 30 seconds to get down. In the edit I was riding at my home park and Mammoth Mountain for the Volcom PBRJ championship.

What made you want to start filming, and what do you get out of it?

I started to have my filmer, Jaren Timmer, film me so I can try to get noticed and get sponsored.

What snowboard videos inspire you the most, anyones part in particular?

Jed Anderson inspires me the most because of his hesh style.


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