Tortoise Full Movie by Wyld Instinct

Words by Ryan Finder

“Filming for this movie started at the beginning of this winter when I met up with Kaleah Opal Driscoll in Lake Tahoe California.  I had a camera and a dream and she was down to come along for the ride.  We first stopped in Salt Lake City where we got to shred and do some filming with Jordy Ortega, Kelly Underwood, Jeff Hopkins, Chris Frost, and Kyle Harmon.  After Salt Lake City I went and spent some time in Colorado while Kaleah went and did the contest thing for a little bit, and then we reunited in Washington and rode with our good buds (more like family now) from Boardshop 5420; Eythan Frost, Justus Hines, Dylan Hallowell, Tommy Gonzales, Jackson Blackburn, and E Dub.  The majority of the winter was spent in Washington, it has awesome mountains, like Mission Ridge, Snoqualmie, and Alpental, and a ton of street spots that are creative and never been seen.  Mission Ridge actually let us come in on Tuesdays because the mountain is closed, and we got to set up stuff right in the parking lot for the movie, it was awesome! Snoqualmie was also really awesome to me and the crew.  We went up for a Think Thank film shoot at the end of the season for last minute clips, the first day was a crazy rail set up so the second day we were looking at this sweet cliff gap and the head of park crew says, “we’ve been eyeing that for years! If you guys want to hit it we’ll push you a lip in the cat.” Washington was super good to us. We got to shred Jake Rose’s home town of Spokane a little bit too. The weather was kinda shitty so we didn’t get to hit as much as we wanted but that was the story all winter when it came to street.  We took a trip to Calgary Alberta where the temperature never got above 10 degrees farenheit the whole week we were there!  But it was all good, we made the best of it! Eythan, Kaleah, Jake, Justus, and myself were toured around Calgary by our local friend Jordan Blain. He showed us a lot of awesome spots while we were there, but the stuff that was salvageable was made possible by Joey Odom.  He had a trailer full of everything we needed for street snowboarding, so we were able to stack quite alot  even for the weather not being in our favor. After Calgary we went to stay with our friend Jay Britton who has been living in Nelson BC for the last 10 years.  We didn’t get to film as much as we wanted in Nelson either, but Jay definitely opened our eyes to the amazing snowboarding thats in Nelson, and hopefully we can return for more filming in Nelson next year. In addition to that I have last minute shots of Jeff Deforge from Spring at Mt. Hood. Those shots came about by just hiking around the lower area of Mt hood and just connecting melting patches of snow haha”

Riders: Eythan Frost, E dub, Dylan Hallowell, Justus Hines, Kaleah Opal Driscoll, Jake Rose, Jackson Blackburn, Ian Sullivan, Tommy Gonzales, Jordy Ortega, Kelly Underwood, Kyle Harmon, Chris Frost, Jeff Hopkins, Aaron Cardwell, Max Dre, Jordan Blain