Top 10 tricks of 2013

Top 10 tricks of 2013

So many heavy tricks go down each season, making our Top 10 Tricks one of the hardest lists to narrow down. For 2013 there were more urban inverts than ever and a lot of riders setting one or both feet free of bindings in the streets and backcountry. Dudes were also stepping up to more transfers and combos in the streets, while in the backcountry things were just getting bigger and more consequential (as usual). The following tricks are snapshot of progression in 2013. To make the list tricks couldn’t just be stomped or done with style, they also had to push the level of snowboarding.

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Brandon Cocard, the mother of all frontside lipslides

Video: Absinthe, Dopamine (Get the Full Movie on iTunes right HERE)

Cocard 50-50’d this ungodly piece of steel in Absinthe’s 2012 film Resonance. Just to make sure everyone knows who owns this thing, he went back and front lipped it.

Halldor Helgason. PHOTO: Einar Ennarson.