Top 10 Most Popular Riders of 2015 on

Top 10 Most Popular Riders on of 2015, Ranked

Being the most popular at something is pretty rad. What’s even better is taking the bias out of things and letting the numbers do the talking. This year we sorted out all of our posts to determine the top-tagged riders to see which ones garnered the most web views on The results may not be surprising to most, and certainly paint a wide picture of this year in snowboarding. See which riders took home the top honors by reading down below.

#10 – Travis Rice

It goes without saying that this guy is a snowboarding powerhouse. We’re sure all of his rad GoPro videos and the teaser for his latest film, The Fourth Phase, had a little something to do with his ranking this year.

#9 – Kazu Kokubo

Kazu’s full part from Origins this year was an absolute powder-filled dream. We’ll leave it up here for a little while for your viewing pleasure, but don’t forget to pick up the film on iTunes!

#8 – Stale Sandbech

The proliferation of attention that Stale Sandbech has received over the year is almost immesurable. From the online fan pages and Instagram accounts, to the stylish attack he mounts on every single feature, whether in a park or on a street, Stale had one hell of a 2015.

#7 – John Jackson

A banger X Games Real Snow part, a full part in Origins, and a bunch of awesome riding in the Blueprint series. Enough said.

#6 – Eric Jackson
Saying that Eric Jackson’s showing in Origins was strong would be a terrible understatement. Combined with his brother, and Kimmy Fasani, the three rounded out an amazing segment for Mammoth. Don’t forget to watch the extended cut about the freestyle history of Mammoth while  you’re at it.

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