Top 10 Most Progressive Tricks of 2015

The Best Snowboard Tricks of 2015

How much farther can snowboarding go? It’s a question riders have asked since Noah Salsanek flowed down the 55-degree pitch of Alaska’s Super Spines for Standard Film’s 1995 movie, TB5. Since Andy Hetzel and Temple Cummins sailed off a Tahoe retaining wall and over a moving train in Fall Line Films Easy Rider, the same year. Since Ingemar Backman’s monster method at Riksgränsen in 1996 graced the cover of nearly every major snowboard magazine in the world. Since… well, pretty much since guys like Jerry Dugan, Mike Hatchett, Mike “Mack Dawg” McEntire, and Justin Hostynek started documenting the progression of snowboarding.

Nearly 30 years on, there’s no sign of progression slowing down. From ever increasing corks to new ways to interpret the streets, this list is made up of what we thought were the biggest, most technical, or never been done tricks filmed in 2015.

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#10 – Victor De Le Rue, half-Cab off cornice, revert, natural Cab 540 in Origins

Bringing freestyle tricks to the big mountain arena has long been seen as the final frontier for progression. A few riders have truly pushed it in this narrow space over the years, including Johan Olofsson, Travis Rice, Gigi Rüf, Nicholas Müller, and Jason Robinson. This season, VDLR left his mark.


#9 – Dan Vinzant, creeper 50-50, frontside 180 transfer switch 50-50 creeper in Rendered Useless

Minnesota’s latest breakout, Dan Vinzant, may have shared a Rendered Useless part with Zander Blackmon but he made every trick count. For his tech wizardry, Vinzant takes the number nine spot on the list. See what landed him on our Top 5 Most Stylish Tricks of 2015 list here.


#8 – Keegan Valaika, switch backside wallride, 270 to backlip in EverSince

It’s been a while since Keegan Valaika filmed a part for a major production, but without skipping a beat, he brought his lanky style and a uniquely creative eye to his Absinthe segment. Building on wall to rail transfers from the likes of Louif Paradis, Valaika adds a new one to the books.


#7 – Cole Navin, high to low frontside wallride Miller flip out in Rendered Useless

Coming straight outta Massachusetts, it didn’t take long for Cole Navin’s name to make the rounds of Board World after his Rendered Useless part dropped. Ride wisely added him to its Global Am team for inventive riding like you see here.


#6 – Jed Anderson, backside lipslide pretzel out through a quad kink in Videogracias

However you want to count kinks, Jed Anderson comes with the heat yet again. While the trick itself is hardly a NBD, rarely has something this technical been done at this level.

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