Top 10 Monday Mallets of 2015 on Presented by Sandbox


Top 10 Monday Mallets of 2015 : Presented by Sandbox

Splat! There’s something strangely satisfying about watching people fall. For your viewing pleasure (you sick son of a gun) we’ve complied the top 10 most-liked Monday Mallets from 2015. They range from rag-dolls, tacos, face plants, tomahawks and more. Check out all 10 in their bone-breaking glory. Prepare to cringe, some of these are graphic!

#4 Sandbox

10. Monday Mallet : Yard Sale
What better way to start the list, than with a classic Yard Sale? Nick Kiproff felt a little generous during the holiday season and came up short on a Park Lane jump at Breckenridge, Colorado. He knuckled so hard, his gear pops off and goes flying. More speed next time Nicky-boy.


9. Monday Mallet : The Forgotten Ollie
If you forget to ollie, even on just a little rail, you’re gonna have a bad time. Antoine St-Pierre was cruising around at the Lake Louise Park, and decided to go for a backside lip-slide on a down rail, but poor Antoine forgot to ollie. Boink! His board hooks the rail and he flips back, landing in a precarious spot. Owie.


8. Monday Mallet : Bomb Hole Creation with John Jackson in Origins
Oy, even the pros can have a rough go at it. Coming in at number 8 is John J with a massive bomb hole. John took an impromptu line, sent it off a side hit, and ended up going upside down for a little longer than he’d have probably liked. At least the landing looks kind of soft, right?


7. Monday Mallet : Back Breaker
While Jake Aaronson was filming for his full part this year he experienced something that snowboarders generally try to avoid, crashing head on, full speed into a tree. Kersplat! Thankfully he walked away from the spot with his head held high, and plans to be back on his board before the end of the season.

6. Monday Mallet : The Human Taco
Tacos are good to eat, but no bueno when you body contorts into one. Justin Makus got a bad pull from a bungee, yet still decided to hit a feature with absolutely no speed. He tumbles about 20 feet and lands right on the rail. To top it off, Justin’s friends seemed stoked on the bail as if he just stomped it. We’ll give this one to you Justin, you claim that bail.
Video:  David Friesen

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