Top 10 Monday Mallets of 2014

Top 10 Monday Mallets of 2014

10. Lipslide Gone Terrible 

Starting of the list at number 10, homeboy tried to go for this massive gap to lipslide and well it went terrible. We heard that he landed it later in the season, but god damn this is a slam.

9. Face To Rail 

Coming in at number 9, Takoda Jeffery​ decides that the rail looks a little lonely on this cold winter day, and gives it a little smooch.

8. Markus Keller Versus the Red Bull Double Pipe

Markus Keller is a beast who tears into every feature in sight. But at the Red Bull Double Pipe semifinals the pipe bit back.

7. Gap to Face Smash

Julien Beaulieu hits one of the heaviest gap to downs we’ve ever seen filming for the new Brothers Factory movie Los Bum.. This time didn’t work out so well for him.

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