Throwback Thursday: Heikki Sorsa

Damn, Heikki Sorsa has done a lot of shit in snowboarding. He’s been in the Olympics, he’s filmed a lot of video parts, hell he even held the world record for highest air on a quarter-pipe for a while. Well his new full part is dropping next Monday, August 26 , so we figured now is a perfect time to catch up with Heikki and also to show some of his classic parts, along with his 2002 Olympic run. You know, the run he did with a mo-hawk…

You’ve filmed a lot of video parts. How do you keep up the motivation to keep producing year after year?

Yeah I guess i have… haha! Oh i just love filming! It’s so good to see yourself getting new tricks every year, and you can always do different and better things every year! It´s like painting a house, you see the result really well after you´re done!
How was this year filming different than others? Because as an outsider it definitely looked like this year was different

It was way different for sure! We had a little different crew with new filmers and Lauri in the crew! (love the crew). I had a really bad knee injury the season before so it was really hard to come back and trust my knee in the beginning. We we’re trying to film a good webisode series so it wasn’t just urban/backcounrty style filming. We wanted to shoot everything.
You’ve gone through a lot of phases in your snowboarding. Do you think the transition from contest guy, to video part guy is a natural path of a professional snowboarder? Do you ever miss doing contests?

At least for me it was really that path! I wanted to do competitions when i was young and my dream was to start filming. I’m so lucky that I’m still here doing what I love. I really, really liked doing competitions so I do think back and try to remember all them, but I’m really happy with filming, and that’s really what i want to do now.

  Do you ever get out in the halfpipe anymore?

I do! But just for fun, and only super easy tricks though! haha! Can´t really be on that crazy level of halfpipe riding anymore! Plus the pipes are way bigger nowadays! haha! Respect for all the pipe riders.
Do you ever think about cutting a mo-hawk again?

I knew you were going to ask something about that! My wife just cut my hair couple months back, and I can almost rock a mo-hawk on this new hairstyle so maybe i should!? Nah, maybe save it for later…

Heikki Sorsa. PHOTO: Ashley Barker.


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