2013 2014 Snowboarding Video Preview

 Merrill Time

(There’s no teaser yet, so until they have one just watch Bode mess up Park City.)

Arguably the most well-rounded snowboarder in the game, Bode Merrill shines wherever he shreds. From the streets and the park to pow and everything in between, the Bode-man handles biz in a timeless, hammer swinging fashion. Merrill Time is a four-part mini-series produced by Monster Energy and in association with Absinthe Films and TransWorld SNOWboarding.

Featuring: Bode Merrill, Dylan Thompson, Harrison Gordon, Zak Hale, Ethan Deiss, Danny Kass, Alex Sherman, Brandon Cocard, Cale Zima, Will Jackways, Scott Blum, Wolle Nyvelt, Manuel Diaz, Jason Robinson, Chris GrenierBrandon Hobush and then some.

Filmers: Pat Fenelon, Cody Rosenthal, Cole Taylor, Justin Hoystnek, Shane Charlebois

Bode Merrill. PHOTO: Andy Wright.