2013 2014 Snowboarding Video Preview

The 2013 2014 Snowboarding Video Preview

Looking for the best snowboarding videos for 2013 2014? Well you found them, here is our TransWorld SNOWboarding video preview.

It’s the beginning of September. Do you know what that means? Premiere season baby. Premiere season rules. What else (well besides actually snowboarding) sounds better than going to a cold movie theater, eating gummy bears, drinking ice colds, chatting up babes, and watching brand new snowboard movies? Yeah, couldn’t think of it either. There are a ton of new movies coming out this fall. What ones are you the most looking forward too? Well these are the ones we’re the most excited about…

 TransWorld SNOWboarding presents NATION


Of course we have to start this off with our own movie. You know we’re excited about this one. You can download it on iTunes on September 9th, but if you really want the goods you’re going to want to get the DVD / book combo. You can pick that up at your local snowboard shop or at Kidsknow HERENATION premieres in September so stay tuned!

NATION features snowboarding from Xavier De Le Rue, Chris Brewster, Dylan Thompson, Jonah Owen, Austen Sweetin, Austin Hironaka, Dan Brisse, Bjorn Leines, DCP, Stale Sandbech, Gulli Gudmunsson, Eiki HelgasonForest Bailey and more.

Filmed by: Mark Wiitanen, Tyler Malay, Kyle Schwartz, Cole Taylor, Petter Foshaug, Justin Turkowski, Cole Taylor, Guido Perrini, Olav Stubberud, and more.


Gulli Gudmundsson. PHOTO: Frode Sandbech.