Rome’s 12 Months Project: August – Chile Full Film

Chile is an amazing place. Our summer is their winter, so for this month’s episode of Rome’s 12 Month Project the Rome crew took riders Thomas Delfino and Len Jorgenson down to the Southern Hemi to explore. Pour yourself a Pisco Sour and give it a watch right here, Salud.


rome snowboards 2 months project

About Rome’s 12 Month Project:

Filmed and released throughout the year, Rome Snowboard’s 12 Months is a new year-long film project about their take on snowboarding. Since last November, the Rome crew have been creating and releasing monthly films about the different aspects of snowboarding they are stoked on. Over the course of all twelve months there are unique opportunities for different types of snowboarding. Filming one month at a time gives them the freedom to do whatever they want. Some edits might be slowed down for mellow good times while others might be ramped up with hammers – it’s just a matter of whatever they feel like doing that month. Pros, Ams, regional kids, homies, and assorted riders in the SDS are along for the ride and through the year they will be chasing snow to find fun times. Europe? New Hampshire? The UK? Mt. Hood? Back to Revy? Tahoe?

Wherever they end up going, if it sounds good and if it feels good, they’re in. Enjoy!

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