Jeremy Cloutier Full Part from Brothers Factory’s Jamais Vu

Jeremy Cloutier had a good year in the streets of Quebec filming for Brothers Factory’s new movie Jamais Vu. Just take a look at the double-barrel slide rodeo out he got at 3:25.

Brothers Factory’s Will Demers and Charles Demers have been putting out movies from the Quebec streets for the last 11 year, helping to expose new riders coming up in the province. “Jamais Vu means Never Seen, because Brothers Factory pushes kids who have talent and passion for snowboarding, but have never filmed a video part before,” says Will Demers. “We’ve been doing that since 2002. Never ignore the future talent – this is our mentality.”

Stay tuned for full parts from some familiar and fresh faces including Frank Bourgeois, Jason Dubois, Anto Chamberland, Zach Aller, Didier Godbout, Guillaume Marquis, and more dropping every Monday only on

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Jeremy Cloutier. Gap to Lip PHOTO: Ren Rob