Hondo’s Weekly Roundup 9/22-28

Holy shit! It snowed this week! While it didn’t snow everywhere, especially not where I am (Southern California) it did snow enough in some places that people were actually able to go snowboarding. People were able to ride at Mt. Rose in Tahoe, and up in the BoneZone in Salt Lake. That right there is a sign that Winter is definitely coming. Another sign that Winter’s almost here are the amount of awesome videos that are flooding my inbox on the daily. While I was sent a ton of videos this week, these are the top ones. Enjoy.

1. Volcom’s #IP3 Am Section

Volcom’s #IP3 Am Section

The Volcom Ams are sick. Richie Conklin, Alex Rodway, Cody Beiersdorf, Gray Thompson, Derrek Lever, Griffin Seibert, and all the other dudes are so good. This right here is a feel good about snowboarding edit.