Hondo’s Weekly Roundup: 8/12-8/17

Do you smell that? Do you? That’s the smell of fall in the air everybody. It’s getting there, slowly but surly winter is coming. Just remember that as these 100 degree days are happening. It will all be over soon, and then the snow will be here. But just becasue it’s hot doesn’t mean that there can’t be radical snowboard edits coming out. There were some heat makers this week, and these are them.

1. Burton presents [SNOWBOARDING]: Teaser

This teaser is the shit. If you’re not down for this, you need to check yourself becasue it’s awesome. The skit is rad (which is normally never the case) and the action is all time. This video got me stoked to snowboard and I’m sitting by the beach soaking up some tropical rays. That says something.

Mikey Rencz. PHOTO: Adam Moran