Hondo’s Weekly Roundup: 6/16-6/22

5. Grindhouse Mind Games: Teaser

These snowboarders from the UK are no joke! I fully back the Grindhouse dudes, and this teaser is the reason why.Mind Games features snowboarding from Will Smith, Andy Nudds, Jamie Nicholls, Ollie Dutton, Tom Guilmard, Jonny Russell, Simon Foster, John Weatherley, Stu Edwards, Matt Higson, Tom Honey, Andy Laird, Jon Addison, Stuart Horsham and Ian Ashmore.

Pourquoi Pas: Teaser

So I’m going to be honest, I’ve never heard of any of these dudes ( except for Francis Bourgeois), but holy shit this teaser is sick. The French Canadians always know how to bring the heat, and this teaser does just that.