Hondo’s Weekly Roundup: 10/ 20-10/26

It seems like every week more and more snowboard videos flood my email inbox. Full Part, Full Movie, teaser, they all show up, one after another, and I watch them all. This week there were some good ones, there were some bad ones, but dammit these are the best ones. So grab some popcorn, or goldfish (that’s what I’d get) and get ready to watch some wicked good boarding.

1. Grindhouse: Mind Games- Full Movie

Grindhouse: Mind Games- Full Movie

These dudes from the UK just get it. It’s not everyday a movie comes out with dudes that I’m not too familiar with that I’m seriously backing, but god damn these dudes rip. Mind Games features riding from Will Smith, Andy Nudds, Jamie Nicholls, Ollie Dutton, Tom Guilmard, Jonny Russell, Simon Foster, John Weatherley, Stu Edwards, Matt Higson, Tom Honey, Andy Laird, Jon AddisonStuart Horsham, and Ian Ashmore. But make sure you check out Will Smith’s part. It’s serious business.

Jonny Russell. PHOTO: James North