Get Ready for the 2013 Winter X Games


PHOTOS: Aaron Blatt

Superpipe is an event that people love, which is funny becasue no one ever rides the pipe when they go to the resort. The reason for that is that it’s really, really hard. So when you see people who are good at it it’s pretty awesome to watch. These people are all really good at it.

Invited women are:

Gretchen Bleiler

Torah Bright

Queralt Castellet

Kelly Clark ( She won it last year)

Kaitlyn Farrington

Elena Hight

Maddy Schaffrick

Hannah Teeter

The invited guys are:

Ryo Aono

Greg Bretz

Brett Esser

Benji Farrow

Christian Haller

Ayumu Hirano

Taku Hiraoka

Nathan Johnstone

Kazu Kokubo

Matt Ladley

Scotty Lago

Markus Malin

Luke Mitrani


Louie Vito

Shaun White ( He won it last year. With a perfect score…)

The ladies are hitting the pipe first. They drop in on Saturday at 7:15-8:30, with it showing on ESPN on Saturday from 9-11 at night. The guys close out the X Games when they drop in on Sunday from 7:45-9:00 at night, with it showing live on ESPN. So make sure you watch it!

Will Mark McMorris get to do another victory lap? Only time will tell…PHOTO: Aaron Blatt