Get Ready for the 2013 Winter X Games

Big Air:

PHOTOS: Aaron Blatt

Big air is for sure a crowd please-er. Watching dudes send it over a huge jump and do crazy spins and flips is a pretty amazing spectacle. It’s not an event you can miss. This video should show you what we’re talking about…

The dudes sending the jump this year are:

Ulrik Badertscher

Chas Guldemond

Halldor Helgason

Torstein Horgmo

Mark McMorris ( He won it last year)

Stale Sandbech

Seppe Smits

Seb Toots

Eric Willet

If you’re in Aspen it’s going down on Friday from 8:30-10 at night. Or if you’re watching it on TV it’s on at 10:30-12:30 at night on ESPN.