Different Direction Episode Five: Smells Like Nelson

This past winter a crew of snowboarders by the names of Sebi GeigerThomas Feurstein, their filmer Sebastian Madlener made a trip from their homeland of Austria to the beautiful mountain town of Nelson, B.C. Canada to shoot the last episode of their web series Different Directions. The first few days of filming went really well but unfortunately the good powder turned into ice after only a couple days of backcountry shooting. With the mountain unridable the guys had to occupy their time with other activities like taking a boat trip to film the nature in the area and making bets on who would and wouldn’t jump into the cold water of the lake there. On one of the last nights Thomas lost a bet and had to be the butler for the crew.

Sebi Geiger, Thomas Feurstein, Different Direction, Ben Birk,

Thomas Feurstein airs off a pillow while Sebi Geiger slashes. PHOTO: Ben Birk