Camp of Champions Session D recap: What did that guy just handplant on?

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The 2012 summer season is a wrap at COC. Check out what went down this summer! Session D was DC, Monster Energy and Source week. Snowboarding by Stale Sandbech, Mark McMorris, Rusty Ockenden, Mark Sollors, Jody Wachniak, Mark Goodall, Robjn Taylor, Mikey Rencz, Steve-o Callen, Logan Short, Jason Dubois, Brendan Keenan, Will Lavigne, Matt Belzile, Jake Fine, Josh Blasman, Craig Gouweloos, Colin D. Watt, Matts Kulisec, Rupert Davies, Jon Versteeg, Gory Gallon, Tanner Davidson, Jeremy Cloutier and Dillon Ojo.

Start saving your money, Camp of Champions will be back next summer!