Kevin Pearce. Mens Pipe Elimination. Photo: Chris Wellhausen

X Games spectators are fired up to watch the guys compete in the X Games XIII mens pipe. Saturday night was only pipe elimination and the crowds gathered all over the deck of the pipe and filled the area at the bottom.

The men’s pipe elimination started out with sixteen riders and when the night wrapped up there were only eight left to advance to Sundays nights pipe finals. 

SNOWBOARD SuperPipe Men’s Elimination

 NameRun 1Run 2Best Score
1Shaun White93.3370.3393.33
2Steve Fisher89.3335.0089.33
3Elijah Teter88.0053.6688.00
4Mason Aguirre69.3386.3386.33
5Antti Autti85.0037.0085.00
6Kevin Pearce34.3383.0083.00
7Andy Finch81.6616.6681.66
8Louie Vito41.6677.6677.66
9Iouri Podladtchikov72.3371.0072.33
10Jack Mitrani61.6666.6666.66
11JJ Thomas34.0064.3364.33
12Peetu Piiroinen51.6632.0051.66
13Scotty Lago29.6638.3338.33
14Ross Baker17.0036.0036.00
15Greg Bretz23.0015.3323.00
16Danny Davis18.3312.0018.33