TransWorld rolled in to catch the last bit of USASA Nationals action going down at Copper Mountain. It’s a family affair with moms, dads, brothers, sisters friends and foes all competing for fun, prizes and even a lump of cash. Open class attracted some heavy hitters vying for a cool G across the board for first place in any open class event. The snow was conctrete stiff though, so riders had to be on their game. By the looks of things, snowboarding will be making a huge leap in progression once many of these little ones grow into their bodies. Little balls of cloth were going fast and giving it all they could to defy gravity, not to mention the seniors are still getting down. Nine year old Gabe Ferguson locked a front seven in the pipe today to snag the nationals title for the Grom division while sixty seven year old Gailen Smith was snapping threes in the pipe to claim a title for the 60+ group. Inspiration at any age my friends. I hope I can still get whirly on a snowboard and be a member of the AARP someday.

With so much action going on all over the hill (slalom, halfpipe, boardercross and slopestyle, not to mention the AltGames) it was tricky getting the scoop on every event. The boardercross course was fast and bodies were flying into the nets which made for some excitement and hopefully not much injury. The finals for that are still to come. The slopestyle course was dialed, but there was a big break in the action during the transition from USASA to the AltGames which streched the patience. Some tweny plus colleges were being represented amongst the riders for the qualifiers and they get back to it tomorrow for finals.  After the awards, the new Woodward facility funneled in the herds for a skate jam in the newly built bowl while the trampolines and resipads were getting full use. The last couple evens wrapup tomorrow so check back for more results soon.

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Day 1
Day 4

Results since things kicked off on the 5th.

USASA Halfpipe Final Results

Men’s Open Class
1 Ben Stewart, Copper, CO 95.3 ($1,000)
2 Paul Brichta, Burnsville, MN 88.0 ($500)
3 Kenny Ballou, Hailey, ID 84.5 ($250)
4 Brett Esser, Silverthorne, CO 80.7
5 Connor Leach, West Vail, CO 68.3

Women’s Open Class
1 Kaitlyn Farrington, Bellevue, ID 93.8 ($1,000)
2 Kelly Marren, Hillsborough, CA 77.8 ($500)
3 Molly Wilson, Basalt, CO 67.2 ($250)
4 Kyla Sobieralski, Basalt, CO 50.7
5 Serena Shaw, Frisco, CO 28.2

Download the full results from Men’s & Women’s Open Class here.

Remaining Halpipe Results:

Group 2A (Ruggie Girls Under 7, Grommet Boys 8-9, Master Women & Men 30-39 & Kahuna Men 50-59)
Group 2B (Ruggie Boys Under 7, Grommet Girls 8-9, Senior Women & Men 23-29, Legend Women & Men 40-49, Kahuna Women 50-59 & Methuseleh Women & Men 60+)

Group 4A (Youth Men 14-15)
Group 4B (Junior Men 16-17, Adaptive Women & Men)

Group 6A(Menehune Boys 10-11, Men’s Jam 18-22)
Group 6B (Breaker Boys 12-13)

Slopestyle Results

Group 3(Menehune Girls 10-11, Breaker Girls 12-13, Youth Girls 14-15, Junior Women 16-17 & Women’s Jam 18-22)

Group 4 (Youth Men 14-15, Junior Men 16-17, Adaptive Women & Men)

Group 6 (Menehune Boys 10-11, Breaker Boys 12-13, Men’s Jam 18-22)

Boardercross Results

Group 2 (Ruggie Girls & Boys under 7, Grommet Girls & Boys 8-9, Senior Women & Men 23-29, Master Women and Men 30-39, Legend Women & Men 40-49, Kahuna Women & Men 50-59, and Metheluseh Women & Men (60+)

Group 3(Menehune Girls 10-11, Breaker Girls 12-13, Youth Women 14-15, Junior Women 16-17, Women’s Jam 18-22)

Group 4(Youth Men 14-15, Junior Men 16-17, Adaptive Women & Men)

Group 6(Menehune Boys 10-11, Breaker Boys 12-13, Men’s Jam 18-22)