TransWorld’s Spring Flings

Chas Guldemond. Photo: Andy Wright

We know, you were probably expecting nude babes and shred town gossip, that’ll surface after these events though. It’s time to forget the agro chase for early morning pow and bitter cold, spring is about sleeping in until the landings soften up and enjoying extra après time in the glistening sun. And by now your local hill should have enough snow stocked up to slide on through spring, hopefully with a handful of features to boot. If that’s not the case wherever you are, you can keep the snowboarding dream alive with this compilation of spring events near you. Unravel that winter mummy getup, replace it with sunscreen and shred till your feet are sogged, dogg.

Grenade Games at Whistler, April 20-26
Wrapping up the tail end of the Telus Festival (April 17-26) in Whistler, the Grenade Games go international. With a greener locale and events from poker runs to dual slalom mogul races, it’s gonna be a blowout so dust off that passport and check the event schedule here.