Top Ten Stunts of 2008.

Tricks come in waves. First the influential pros or hard-charging ams bust ’em out. Or maybe some harebrained variation of an old one is born in the mind of a random shred-dog like you. Tricks seem to mutate or evolve into new states of being—and the new stunts seem to roll in waves of popularity. Remember all the “stalls” in 2007, the wallrides? Well, 2008 had it’s share of popular tricks and silly stunts. Here’s a ten-pack of the hot ones. Sure there are others, there are probably cooler or more legit ones out there in the world. The point is, here are the ones we thought fit that bill as the “stunts” of 2008.


1. One Footers

Takaharu Nakai in Japan. Photo: Dice-K