The HCSC Picture This Premier

Picture This: The sun sets below the Oregon horizon and Brad Kremer of Mack Dawg, dimly lit by a flash lights, stands center-stage in a rustic Mt. Hood outdoor amphitheater welcoming a crowd of 300 young snowboarders to a sneak preview/world premier of the new MDP film. Mixed in with the excited crowd is a crew of the Mack Dawg riders: Jeremy Jones, Seth Huot, Darrell Matthes, Wille Yli-Luoma, etc., most of whom, about to see the movie for the first time. That’d be pretty sick, huh? Well, such was the scene the night of August 1st as Brad debuted Picture This to High Cascade Snowboard Camp’s staff and campers (and yes… it was sick).

To warm the up the crowd, TWS senior photographer Andy Wright showed his (amazing) winter 2007 slide show (a.k.a. the photos you’ll be seeing in magazines which have yet to be printed). At the conclusion of the slide show, the anticipating sea of eyes stared at the giant screen waiting for Andy’s images to come alive.

Now, reading a story about other people watching a movie would be boring… so this will be kept brief. People were awestruck. Occasional screams of disbelief (thank you, Justin Meyer), loud claps, “Oh my Gods!, and whistles rang out in the night. Everyone loved the film, but very few probably realized how special the evening was at the time. It was the kind of moment that hits you a month later when you’re watching the film at home on your television, and you recall the first time the movie was shown…

This write up is in no way meant to be a review on the film, but rather an account of a magical evening… but, since you’re probably wondering… Picture This is flat out awesome. Not “awesome like other snowboard movies have been “awesome. Picture This has defined “the new awesome in snowboard films. With standout parts from Seth Huot, Wille Yli-Luoma, Kevin Pearce, Eero Ettala, Heikki Sorsa, Jussi Oksanen, Jeremy Jones and a special surprise guest: when you watch Picture This, you won’t just be asking yourself “how the hell can someone be that good at snowboarding? you’ll be asking, “how the hell can someone be that good at filming?.

A big thank you from everyone at High Cascade Snowboard Camp goes out to Brad Kremer, MDP, Timberline Resort and the riders that made Picture This a reality. A bit of advice: if you ever get the chance to be the first to watch the world’s best snowboard movie, deep within the Mt. Hood National Forest under starry skies: seize that opportunity. Perhaps you’ll get your chance next August …