The 2008 Video Preview Continued …

[10 % Park, 10% Rails, 80% Backcountry]
My Own Two Feet
Leeward Cinema
Riders: Jeremy Jones, Josh Dirksen, Chad Otterstrom, Dave Downing, Erik Leines, Ben Lynch, Forrest Shearer, Thayne Mahler, Stacy Thomas, Tom Burt, Temple Cummins, Shayne Pospisil, Jimi Tomer, Jamie Anderson, Jim Zellers, Danny Garrity, Chris Demolski, and others.
Filmers: Chris Edmands, Kyle Schwartz, and Jason Hogan.

Showcasing all foot-accessed riding (yes, even the park stuff), My Own Two Feet adds adventure and environmental stewardship to the snowboard movie genre. The Leeward crew walked 1,200 miles and spent over 30 nights of camping to discover and shred spots in the California Sierras, which are closed to motorized vehicles. They forwent sleds, lifts, and gas in favor of human power and a little elbow grease—an exciting and refreshing change in today’s age of development. Why hit the same old backcountry jumps when you can discover never before shredded terrain? This group of friends is doing their part to help the environment, and it shows us what you can find when you simply put one foot in front of the other.

My Own Two Feet/Leeward Cinema