The 2008 Video Preview Continued …

[30% Park, 30% Rails, 40% Backcountry]
Teenage Love Graffiti
Riders: Erik Botner, Michi Zirngibl, André Kuhlmann, Christophe Schmidt, Torgeir Berre, Fredrik Evensen, Ethan Morgan, HC Bergheim, Joonas Mustonen, Peter König, Ludwig Lejkner, Tobi Strauss, René Schnöller, and Xaver Hoffmann.
Filmers: Vincent Urban, Alex Schiller, and Felix Urbauer.

If you’re tired of the old shot after shot, stock style of editing, you may want to take a look at Isenseven’s newest project, Teenage Love Graffiti. When we asked the guys at Isenseven why consumers should buy their newest release, they told us, “To see something more entertaining than just shot after shot—a movie more like a movie, instead of just a random collection of snowboarding shots.” Don’t think that Teenage Love Graffiti is going be all smoke and mirrors though, there is going to be some unreal riding in this one. Check out the teaser and you’ll see the next level shit these Euro dudes are up to. High quality riding meets incredible editing and design; Teenage Love Graffiti could be one of the most progressive films of the year.

Teenage Love Graffiti/Isenseven